Hong Kong, A World City


Key Cities of the Pearl River Delta


::: Hong Kong - China - Taiwan - Korea - Japan :::
After the handover of the former British Colony to China, VACOM Ltd. decided to keep its Headquarters in Hong Kong:

This vibrant city on the South-China coastline has retained its title as the world's freest economy and it is one of the world's most successful business centers. Hong Kong provides an excellent service-center, owns the world's fourth-largest foreign currency reserves, offers the speediest container-port and has the world's highest air-cargo-turnover.

money As a gateway to China, Hong Kong could bolster its trade importance and enjoys an unchanged high degree of autonomy in economical and financial concerns. The judicial system, especially the independence of the courts, has been safe-guarded and guarantees Hong Kong a high degree in the rule of law.

VACOM Ltd. maintains branch-offices in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, thus, covering all major supply-sources in Asia for the selected product lines.
One of the world's biggest business, manufacturing and consumer powerhouses is evolving in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region of the Chinese mainland.
Hong Kong, conveniently located at the doorstep of the PRD, has capitalised on its ideal location by becoming an indispensable business and service centre.


::: WE OFFER :::

□ Highly trained and efficient work force

□ On time deliveries

□ Attractive product design & rapid prototyping services

□ Competitive labour cost

□ A-grade quality and product control

□ Well organized management team


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